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Prebiolax™ - Kiwifruit & Corn Prebiotic Soluble Fibre 500g

Prebiolax™ - Kiwifruit & Corn Prebiotic Soluble Fibre 500g

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McLeod Nutrition's Prebiolax™ 500g is a unique blend of New Zealand kiwifruit and European prebiotic fibre sourced from non-GMO corn. Unlike some fibres, Prebiolax is gluten-free and won't alter the consistency or texture when mixed well. 

It's easy to add Prebiolax to your favourite drinks and soft foods, just stir and enjoy! Try adding Prebiolax to tea, coffee, juice, cordial or soups. Suitable for vegan diets.

  • Prebiotic soluble fibre to help keep you regular
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • No added sugar
  • Gluten-free

Stir two teaspoons into at least 1/2 a cup of any drink or soft food (hot or cold). Stir well until dispersed (a slight cloudiness remains due to the kiwifruit). Not recommended for adding to carbonated drinks.

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